Learn about Commonwealth’s unique funding system and create your unique Full-stack funding, customized to your unique needs.

Full Time – 12 Weeks | Part Time – 24 weeks | Online or In-person Courses | Beginner Friendly

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Generative Ai and Cybersecurity 12/24-week programs

What is
Full-Stack Funding?

Full-Stack Funding is Commonwealth’s unique, proprietary funding system that allows the student to stack multiple funding sources with other programs to minimize each individual’s tuition costs. Continue below to learn more and begin building your own personalized funding stack.

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Pay in Full

Pay prior to your first day of class.

Up to $6,000

Pay with Affirm

Pay prior to your first day of class.

Up to $6,000

Climb Credit Loan

Students can make manageable monthly payments over a few months or years.

Up to 100% of tuition


Coming soon!

Up to 100% of tuition

County-Based Funding

Commonwealth is an approved training provider in the states of Ohio, Kentucky and are currently seeking approval in all 50 states, under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). WIOA assists in potential funds for a student going through training in hopes of finding a career upon completion. This varies by the specific county of residence. Please click HERE for further assistance.

Up to 100% of tuition

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Student will pay a $2,000 application + $25 monthly maintenance fee.  Students will not pay any tuition until they’ve completed or withdraw(?) from our program and are at a job making $30,000+

Up to 100% of tuition