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Intro to Ai one-week course

Upcoming Programs

Generative Ai and Cybersecurity 12/24-week programs

Why Commonwealth Coders and Cyber?

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Our award-winning programs are designed to help you explore career and training options and discover what excites you most in IT. Enroll today to start your journey toward fulfilling your passion. Don't settle, whether you are here for short-term training or career-focused objectives. We know you are passionate about IT. Let us lead the way.

Tuition & Financial

The cost of pursuing your passion for IT doesn’t have to be a barrier to any of our programs. There are plenty of financial assistance and opportunities available. Explore our Finance options, HERE.

Professional Job Assistance

At Commonwealth, we provide job assistance to individuals taking our 12/24-week programs. You won’t be left searching for a job all on your own. We have an experienced and dedicated Career Services team here to help! Our team works 1-on-1 with each student who request assistance. Student engagement with our career services team is crucial for success. We at The Commonwealth Coders and Cyber cannot want your career success more than you do. We will help you figure out your career aspirations and match them with great opportunities.

Grads earn $31K more on Average

Our grads have a $31k increase from when start our program to when they start their career. All Commonwealth students and grads have access to invaluable tools and resources to help unlock their full potential and achieve salary increases upon completing our program.


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