Commonwealth Coders & Cyber Classes

At Commonwealth, we provide unique educational opportunities through our 2 distinct classes.

We offer our award-winning Generative Ai Development course, which comprehensively covers HTML and CSS basics and extends to advanced skills like JWT (JSON Web Token) and Ai prompting.

We also offer our national-leading Cybersecurity class. Gain a prolific understanding of the fundamentals of computers and learn essential skills for safeguarding yourself and others against online threats. 

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our courses below and feel free to talk to our admissions team here if you have any questions.

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Generative Ai Development

Generative Ai Development is our newest course here at Commonwealth. In this course we go over the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. for HTML we will show how to start to place words and pictures on a webpage. For CSS we show you how to add style to your webpages. Lastly for phase one we show you how JavaScript can add functionality to a webpage. Then in phase two we go over ReactJS. ReactJS is a JavaScript library made by Meta. This will show a more modern way to create websites using React and all the other skills you have learned. Finaly in phase three we go over JWT (JSON Web Token) and Ai prompting. We show you how to use the open Ai network to create websites using the knowledge you learned before to create a full stack site.


Here at Commonwealth we will teach on the subject of computers, networking (wired/wireless), Internet of Things, networking security, IoT security, and other cybersecurity-related fields. We will dive into all the components of needed to make a computer work. There are a plethora of computers out there that serve different functions and purposes, and we will cover them. Once we complete those, we will learn how computers essentially communicate with one other, and all the different protocols that it uses to make that communication task successful. Finally, with cybersecurity we go over on how we should protect our networks, make sure that the proper protocols are used effectively, and having the computer be as secure as needed for the end user to effectively do their job.